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keno - Play Best Online Keno Games, Bonuses, Free Game, Rules, Strategy and Review

People who are a regular local lottery player, will find online Keno very familiar. It is a unique and easy game that's very similar to playing your local lottery.  Even those who have never played a  Lotto, won’t take any time to pick up the game and understand how to play Keno online in mere minutes.

Keno, besides being a fun game, is totally straightforward, easy to understand, and indeed comes in a number of varieties. You are in total control while playing and you decide how many numbers you want to play, and the amount of your wager! You can select up to 10 numbers in that field. You win based upon how many winning numbers you match. Every time you win, the winning amount is returned to you. Isn’t it great?

Once you have decided where to play Keno, its wise to establish the size of your bankroll. Needless to say, today, Keno can be played at any time from any place, within the comforts of your house. The basic trick of Keno is that the more numbers you choose your chances of winning get better. The popularity of Keno is ever rising. Wherever you decide to play, have fun and best of luck!

How to play Keno?

If you want to have total fun, Keno the game for you. If you are a regular local lottery player, you will find Online Keno very familiar. It is a unique and easy game that's very similar to playing your local lottery. The game is totally straightforward, easy to understand,

The player is allowed to select a minimum of 4 but no more than 10 numbers between 1 and 80. Each selection is called a 'Spot'. For example, if you select 5 numbers you are playing a 5 Spot game. So, you decide how many numbers you want to play, and the amount of your wager! Minimum bets can be as low as 5 cents, although some Casinos only accept bets of $1 or more.

The round of a Keno game is called a Keno race. In many Casinos, 'multi-race' Keno is featured, where you can play a number of consecutive Keno races at one time

You simply mark a blank Keno ticket with the numbers of your selection and present your ticket to the casino. Your aim in the game is to predict as many of the 20 numbers that are selected in each round as possible. In a few minutes, twenty numbered Keno balls will be drawn at random from a barrel containing 80 numbered balls. If the numbers in your chosen BlackjackGroup match the numbers drawn for the day - you win.

The results are displayed on screens, called Keno boards, throughout the Casino. The amount of money you win is dependent upon the type of ticket you play and the number of 'spots' caught. You may play as many tickets as you wish.

Rules of Keno for better gambling

Keno is a fun game and anybody can learn it. As the rules simple, easy and are limited, even a child will have no problem picking up the game

You start the game by designating the numbers you want on the Keno board. When you have picked a number, it turns green. If you wish to de-select a number, just click on it again. The potential payoff can be seen in one corner of your online Keno screen as you choose your numbers.

When a Keno player's number matches a number chosen at random, then its called a "Hit.

The payoff in a game of Keno depends on bets. The maximum bet in most online Keno games is $5. Other deciding factors are like, how many numbers you select each game (between 1 and 10) and how many of these numbers become "Hits." The player also has a choice of choosing how many games of Keno they would like to play. The results can be viewed after each game of Keno. If you want to keep playing the same numbers in a new game, click on "Repeat Bet." The player is rewarded for correctly predicting as many numbers as possible.

Is there a Keno strategy?

As Keno is a game of pure chance, therefore there is little strategy, which can help increase your chances of winning. But there sure exist, a few simple techniques that will give the gamers some advantage while playing Keno.

In Keno, the numbers are chosen randomly and, no numbers that are drawn have any relation to those drawn previously.

It helps to play the numbers that you haven't seen come up in recent games. The belief is that they will start coming up in order to make the long-term results for each number even out.

A lot of keno players have the tendency to bet on the numbers, which have come up most often than on the numbers that haven't come up most often. Picking successive numbers increase your chance of winning. This is a very popular belief among many Keno players

Using the same set of numbers consecutively is another popular strategy followed by some players. As much as it goes against the laws or chance and probability, there are always interesting trends and patterns when dealing with randomly drawn numbers. Hence, capitalize on these trends and make them profitable.

Lastly, determine the size of your bankroll, one you have decided where to play. You should be sure of how much money you can afford to lose in one game. The player has to work out a happy medium of how many guesses he should take. Remember that there is nothing 'strategic' about playing Keno, but they definitely are a bit of fun and they certainly will not harm your chances of winning.

Review about Keno

Keno, along with other casino games, has evolved and changed through time. Today Keno can be enjoyed and played from anywhere in the world. Online Keno has the same rules as real life Keno. It is a fun and exciting game where you don't have to do much thinking. One simply selects a set of numbers and you are ready to go

! Best of all, Keno is played at your convenience. There is always a new game coming up. You can win in a variety of ways - by matching some, all or - in some cases - none of the numbers you have chosen. Keno gives you the chance to win up to $100,000 per drawing. You are in total control while playing Keno online. You decide how many numbers you want to play, and the amount of your wager!

Along with the proliferation of online Keno games, you will find a great variety of lottery versions of Keno. The games have different formulas, of course, depending on the desired price breakdown and the frequency of the game.