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Bingo and Baccarat: the Perfect Partnership?

Casino players keen to experience the thrills of high stakes gambling have traditionally looked to baccarat as their game of choice. This is not only because it is the game James Bond often enjoys playing in the famous books and films – but also because this game is incredibly exciting, giving big winning opportunities from a large dose of luck. With all this in mind, the other game that forms a perfect partnership with baccarat is bingo!

Success at baccarat is mostly down to the luck of the player. The player bets on whether the bank or the player will win the hand, then the cards are drawn and the winner discovered. No more decision making is required of the player. The only strategy required in effect is to choose not to bet on a tie – one of the worst bets in the casino.

In a similar way, the game of bingo is down to luck alone. The numbers actually called are randomly drawn and the player can do nothing about this. In a land-based bingo game, players need to keep track of their cards and listen for numbers, using multi-tasking abilities and dexterity. However, in an online bingo room much of this is already done for the player.

Although land-based casinos have been through complex times in recent years with the controversy over the super casinos across the UK, the country has welcomed in the more open attitude to gaming and this has helped casino players discover more forms of gaming entertainment, with bingo being one of them.

In its essence bingo is a game of luck in the same way as baccarat. The thing about online bingo these days is that there is so much of it available that more and more casino players are turning to the game with the balls as an alternative or at least as a complement to their other gaming entertainment. Gamers such as baccarat enthusiasts are most likely to enjoy playing bingo due to the large amounts of luck involved, generating huge quantities of excitement.

Bingo is also a highly sociable game, another thing it has in common with casino games, especially card games such as baccarat. With nothing for the player to do but wait for the result of the cards drawn, baccarat encourages chatting between players. Similarly, as bingo players wait on the next number called, they can chat between themselves either in land-based halls or in online bingo rooms’ chat boxes. Another pull of online bingo is the free gaming that it provides. Many bingo rooms these days offer free bingo as a matter of course. Free bingo games are available around the clock with real cash prizes up for grabs for the winners of the games. This is an element that is attracting a lot of casino players to bingo sites because, although casino sites also offer welcome bonuses and other incentives such as small free bets, the player cannot enjoy as much free gaming fun as they can at a bingo site.

Free bingo games regularly have prizes available of £50 or more – and the winner will not have spent a penny! Not only this, but bingo rooms are not single game sites. The sites offer all kinds of alternative gaming action such as scratch cards, table games and slot games. The slots are some of the most popular games at these sites due to their great jackpots and fun themes. One of the most popular slots is Roulette Deluxe, a game inspired by the classic casino roulette game. This slot is perfect for casino gamers trying out all the fun of a bingo site, as it offers something familiar in an exciting new format.

So casino players and baccarat players in particular should check out all the action at bingo sites to enjoy free gaming fun, huge winning opportunities and a great choice of new gaming options.